Share your Ideas with me

Share your idea with us and let's design together a unique tailor-made travel with our creative approach.

Our philosophy is: “Designed today your memories and make it unforgettable”.

Which is the experience you want to live? What are your (business/private) goals? 

Let’s plan it together! 

I’m here to listen to your wishes and design a trip that achieves everything you desire!


Unveil the Secret of Sicily with us

Mdf incentives & slow tours  is a luxury destination, event and wedding planner  that provides tailor-made VIP events and experiences. The creative team aims to make each Personalized Travel Solutions, event and experience beyond expectations and helps clients to find the best solutions.

The agency organizes upscale events and incentives for companies and exclusive weddings and journeys for individual travelers, delivers unforgettable experiences,  creates a customized approach that delivers excellent results to clients.

From concept creation, to selection of suppliers, coordination during the event, mdf incentives covers it all.

Booking with us means designing a unique tailor-made travel, as the company is well known for its innovative approach. Our philosophy is: “designed today your Memories and make it unforgettable”.

As an incoming and outgoing Tour Operator, DMC and PCO I’m there to help you organize:

Meetings, Incentives & Conventions

Congresses, Conferences & Workshops

Luxury or “Slow” Tours

Team Buildings

Car and Product launches

Food & Wine tours

Road shows


It all started from here

The Italian way to say that one has a big dream, is “I have a dream in my drawer”. This is the reason why I had a messy pile of clothes in my bedroom. I finally decided to realize my biggest dream and I created “mdf incentives & slow tours”, and finally the clothes found their places in the drawers...

The biggest concern was the logo, and one of my passions came to my aid. Have you ever seen Baaria, the 2009 Italian movie directed by Giuseppe Tornatore? The prologue and the epilogue show a child playing with a wooden toy top (strummulu or tuppetto in Sicilian) on the streets of Bagheria, one of the most characteristic town close to Palermo.

Oh what a perfect figure for logo of the company!

It has in it the sense of tradition. I used to play it when I was young and it’s really Sicilian.

It’s a game, that reminds to childhood and, for this reason, perfectly fit to each travel experience, where we wish to be kids again.

When you throw it, it starts designing circles, the symbol of perfection, and each travel must be perfectly designed with attention to each detail.

Slowly it ends its ride sketching the infinity sign; and by representing this concept of eternity, you are so touched that you want to start all of this back up again.

Now you are ready for the next journey!