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Why mdf incentives & slow tours

Mdf incentives & Slow tours is a privately owned Women's Business Enterprise started up from the idea of a multilingual natural born Sicilian: Maria Di Fede

Why Sicily

The land of Myths, sung from Homer to Virgil, a continent of its own, one of Europe's most fascinating destinations, Sicily, with its historical, cultural and natural treasures, possess 7 sites listed in the World Heritage List

It all started from here

The Italian way to say that one has a big dream, is “I have a dream in my drawer”. This is the reason why I had a messy pile of clothes in my bedroom. I finally decided to realize my biggest dream and I created “mdf incentives & slow tours”, and finally the clothes found their places in the drawers...


Travel is such an enriching experience as reading.
Get in touch and let’s shoot the works


Either you want to motivate your staff or to incentive your team, share your brief and ideas with me. Tell me what your targets are. I am here to help you to tailor an incentive or an event that fits your goals in this amazing destination


Whether you’re trekking on the highest volcano in Europe, rafting in the Alcantara Gorges or navigating the emerald green Sicilian sea, dining with a duchess or just seduced by Sicilian food&wine traditions, in Sicily you will find the priceless experience your company is looking for


Travel lets us peek into the lives of a million others, for a short while. By recommending a “slow tour” my aim is to share my passion for Sicily with people looking for a more relaxed and slow way of travelling, those who are willing to discover history and culture, food and wine, and above all people


When I travel, I want to forget the hectic of my everyday life, I want slow down and plunge in the local culture. I don’t like to rush from one attraction to another. I love visiting places at a relaxed pace, to explore cultures, get in touch with the locals and to enjoy the scenery along the way


As a Travel Designer, I focus on the quality, essence and traditions of each experience. Travel is an opportunity to do things you might not otherwise get to do: pick an orange form an orange tree (have you ever seen one?), or listen to a concert while visiting a cheese farm…These are just a few examples of the experiences that I can suggest you

Meet Maria Di Fede

I’m here to listen to your wishes and design a trip that achieves everything you desire!
Maria Di Fede

Maria Di Fede

Travel Designer & Incentive Specialist

Quick thinking, charismatic, organized, and creative. Planning and managing events is my life!

Clients' Reviews are more Effective at Winning new Clients
Eugenio Zecca

Eugenio Zecca


“The company decided to have the all Commercial department (over 200 people) going 3 days to Catania in Sicily in order to celebrate all together the good results of the previous quarter and to have everyone in the right mood before the next big challenges.
Being Italian, I was asked to help with the organization: transfers, dinners, parties, team building etc. It seemed immediately a difficult task: planning something for 200 young professionals in their early thirties, people coming from all different nationalities, driven and hardworking but always willing to having fun especially in situation like these.
Must say, though, that what at the beginning seemed something difficult to make it happen, turned out in one of the smoothest ever organization.
All this…because of Maria di Fede!!!! Her name and contact was given to me from the Hotel the company had chosen for our staying.
I called her, explained who we were, kind of people and personalities. I told her what the needs were, what we wanted to achieve with this trip.
In less than a week she came up with a full plan. From A to Z.
She did honestly an amazing job! She guided us through the entire process, totally made us feel at ease, gave great recommendations that fit our style, and provided us with a clear timeline which is exactly what we needed.
She is so organized, professional, detail-oriented, reliable, and very fun and pleasant to work with!
She has made our trip fun and unforgettable. People still remember and talk about that experience, even though several months passed by.
The secret of Maria is that on top of an incredible professionalism she uses her hearth. Really!”

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